In the words of Ecclesiastes, “For everything there is a season” (Chapter 3, verse 1 New Living Translation page 506).

How does this relate to this blog?

On April 1, 2008 I started “Moorman’s Musings”. It was part of my effort to increase communication with library staff, the community and the world at large. At that time it seemed that blogging was the in thing. Thus, I gave it a try.

In the succeeding twenty-seven months I have posted thirty-four blog entries. This post will be entry thirty-five.

What have I learned in this process?

1. Finding something relevant to say or comment on is increasingly difficult as time progresses.

2. Preparing the posts takes up considerable time that could be better spent onĀ  more important matters both job related and personal.

3. The blog is of little interest to other individuals and the world at large. It receives few hits. If thirty individuals look at it during a months time it has done well.

With the above in mind this will be the last post for “Moorman’s Musings”. As noted in Ecclesiastes there is a time for “every activity under heaven”. It is time for me to proceed to other things.

I have learned much from this experience and do not regret it in the least.

Good bye!