I sit here in realization that another month has passed. Beyond being another month older and not much wiser, it means that another blog entry is due. What should I ramble on about this month? Maybe a yearning for the good old days when all I had to deal with was a typewriter, a notepad, and a phone. Now I have a presence on Facebook, Twitter,  and Linkedin, as well as this blog and the numerous e-mail that I receive and send on a daily basis.  Granted my Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin presence is minimal and I often go a week or more before checking in, still they are a presence in my life.

Seriously, would I want to go back to the “good old days”? Hell No! With electronic communication it is much easier to reach individuals and conduct daily activities in a timely manner. Anyone who has ever had to use correcting fluid on a typewritten document can attest to the wonders of word processing and spell check, although you still need to proofread before sending anything out.

While technology is wonderful it can be problematic when it does not work. This past month my office computer suffered a hard drive breakdown of monumental proportions. For almost a week I was without decent computer access at work. On one afternoon, I even went home where I had working computers to get basic work accomplished.

After getting the above rant out of my system, the concept of snapshots comes to mind. Why, you may ask?

The computer failure  of the past month is but a snapshot of a small period in my life. Each of our lives are full of snapshots encompassing the wide variety of experiences that each of us has as we journey through life.

Budgets are also snapshots, as I have had to constantly remind myself in the past month as I dealt with local governments concerning the library’s funding for FY11. While they are real and have an influential impact upon your institutions present and future, they are only a part of the total picture at any one time of what an institution is and what it can accomplish in service  to its user community.

During the month Ileen and I were blessed by having our family together. While the reason for this was a memorial service for her mother, it gave us time to catch up on happenings,  share remembrances, and observe the growth of our grandson who will be four in August.  A snapshot that is fleeting but one that will be cherished and remembered.

Another snapshot from March comes to mind. Two local non-profit organizations put together a “Dancing with the Williamsburg Stars” fund raising event. Nine brave local celebrities volunteered to dance as a part of the event. I had the opportunity to make observations as one of four judges. The event was a tremendous success as over $50,000 was raised and close to 800 people had a wonderful time hooting, hollering, and clapping for over two hours. Seeing such a widely diverse audience having a delightful time while supporting two organizations was wonderful. Again a snapshot to be remembered and treasured.

This month the Virginia Library Association will be conducting “Snapshot: A Day in the life of Libraries, Virginia’s Cardinal Asset”. Libraries will be choosing one day between April 19 and 30 to collect information and photos that illustrate the impact that Virginia libraries make on their communities on a typical day. I look forward to what this program will show about how residents of the Commonwealth use and treasure their libraries. When the New Jersey Library Association did their Snapshop day over 1,000 photo were collected showing people using their libraries in a wide variety of ways.

What snapshots do you value and remember?

So long for now!