A previous post presented an overview of the Library’s seven core values and presented a brief discussion of the first four. This post will discuss the last three core values.

We value our staff – Without our staff the Library would not provide the quality services or programs our public has come to expect. While materials and buildings are important, staff are the essential ingredient in the provision of quality library services. The Library is committed to providing continuing education and training for all staff through classes, workshops, conferences, and participation in library related organizations. It is also committed to providing a positive work environment. Within that environment, each staff member’s unique contributions and viewpoint are valued and respected.

We value ethical, fiscally responsible stewardship of public resources – We must always remember that the Library is a public agency with 90% of our funding coming from local government. As employees of a public agency, each of us has a responsibility to use library resources efficiently, effectively and in an ethical manner in the provision of programs and services to our public. Public trust is a valuable library asset and each of us is a steward of that trust.

We value working cooperatively with groups in our community – The Library is not an island; successful library service provision requires that we work cooperatively with community partners to successfully fulfill our mission. With 10 formal partnership agreements in force with entities ranging from American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) to Williamsburg – James City County Public Schools, the Library is able to leverage the talents, resources and skills of these organizations to provide programs and service to residents in ways not possible if we did it by ourselves. We are also further enriched by the ideas and skills that these partners contribute in our joint ventures.

So long for now!