April 1 is a good date for beginning a blog. With all the thousands of blogs out there, who but a fool would start another one. But here it is!

In making this happen, I extend thanks to Jessica Zellers and Penelope Hamblin of the Williamsburg Regional Library staff. They are experienced bloggers and have helped me through the steps of registering and figuring how to get what I want into this space. Their cheat sheet will serve as memory booster when I ask “Now how did I do that?”. They have no responsibility for its content. I should emphasize that what is contained in this and other posts represents my viewpoint solely, not the viewpoint of the Williamsburg Regional Library, nor any of the entities that provide us with funding.

Official channels for Williamsburg Regional Library information include our fine web site http://www.wrl.org and Ex-Libris the Library’s newsletter which is supported by Friends of Williamsburg Regional Library.

As I meander through the months and years, I will always keep foremost in my mind my responsibility to the wonderful entity that provides me with a paid position. I will never be my intent to harm in any way this fabulous institution.

What do I intend to do with this space? Promote the Library and its services, bring to your attention items that I think would be of interest or provoke thought, comment on what is on my mind, and as I get desperate to meet deadlines your guess is as good as mine.

I intend to make two to three posts a month, as I feel that blogs that are left unattended for longer periods tend to lose their interest and worth. May not make it, but will give it the old effort.

So long for now!